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Version: 2.0.0

Role Assignments

This section will explain: what the user permission framework in the platform and how to customize your own permission level.

Role-Based Access Control

Access management for Laiye resources is a critical function for any organization that is using the platform. Laiye role-based access control (Laiye RBAC) helps you manage who has access to the resources, what they can do with those resources, and what fuctionalities they have access to. sketch-en-v1.7

What can I do with Laiye RBAC?

Here are some examples of what you can do with Laiye RBAC:

  • Allow a user to manage specific resources in the resource group, such as skills, intents, and tables.
  • Allow an application with service account to access specific resources in the resource group through open APIs.

Role assignments

Before you do this action, please make sure you have finished defining the roles. Role Definition

The Role Assignments page can be found in Platform Level and Agent Level menu, the administrator can define different level of permissions in different locations.

  • In Role Assignments page of Platform Level menu under the list of agents, when you assign role(s) to a user or a service account, it means the user or the service account has the same access to these resources for all agents.

  • In Role Assignments page inside an agent, when you assign role(s) to a user or a service account, it means the user or the service account has the accesss to these resources only in this agent.

How to add assignments?

  1. Click "Role Assignments" to the page. no-data-en-v1.7

  2. Add an assignment between "Roles" and "Accounts". create-en-v1.7

    There are 3 types of assignments.

    • All Users: Available for all users in the platform.
    • User Account: Manully input the user account.
    • Service Accounts: Select a sevice account in the picklist, you can also input some of the charactors to have realtime search for the service accounts and then select the target account.

The assignment is 1v1 mapping for accounts and roles, if you need to need to assign multiple roles to one account, please add multiple assignments for the the same account.