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Version: 2.0.0

Inform Block

This chapter will explain the role of Inform Block and how to use it.

Basic Concept

The inform block is used to allow the agent to send messages to the user without requiring the user to reply. For example, if we want the agent to send a thank you message to the user at the end of the dialogue flow, we can do this through the inform block.


We can choose the message format and configure the message content, and we can also choose the sending method of the message, sending multiple messages at a time or sending only one message.

In addition, since the inform block is often used at the end of the dialogue process, we can click set relevant intent manually, which means that when the agent gives this message, it will also recommend the associated intent below the message. Direct the user to click to start a new conversation. inform-block-information-en-v1.9


The route condition configuration function of the inform block is very simple, we can directly specify the block that the current dialogue process will flow next. inform-block-routes-en-v1.9