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Command Description

Writes a given string on the screen

Command Prototype


Parameter Description

objWindowTrueexpressionobjWindowScreen writer, the output of the command "Create Screen Writer"
strTextTruestring""The text to draw on the screen, only strings and variables with a string value are supported
sizeTruenumber18Font size of the text to draw. The value ranges from 1 to 40 9. A larger value indicates a larger font
colorTrueexpression[255,0,0]An array describing the RGB value of the text's color


TracePrint("----------------------------Draw text------------------- --------") 
//[Remarks] Draw the text displayed on the screen writing window. (Need to be used together with the command to create a screen-writing object)
//Input parameter 1:
// objWindow--screen writing window object. Note: The screenwriting window object, the output of the command to create the screenwriting object
// strText--display content. Note: The text displayed on the screenwriting window only supports strings and variables whose values ​​are strings
// size--text size. Note: The size of the text displayed on the screen writing window, the larger the value in the range 1~409, the larger the text
// color--text color. Note: the text color displayed on the screen writing window, the RGB color in the form of an array
//out parameters:
// None
//Command prototype: PrintToScreen.DrawText(objWindow,strText,size,color)
PrintToScreen.DrawText(objWindow,"writing screen text",18,[255,0,0])