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Version: 1.4.0


This section will explain: what is a channel, and how to create and use channel integration bots in the platform.

Channel Definition

Channel refers to the medium through which the bot interacts with end-users. After creating a channel, you can integrate the conversation bot capabilities in your own conversation scenarios for end-users by calling it using the send and receive message interface provided by the open platform.

Suppose you have already built a bot and want to let the bot serve your end users in WeChat public, enterprise WeChat, applets, official website or enterprise's APP, you can do it through channels.


By default, the platform will perform the statistics of sessions according to different channels.

Channel creation and invocation

  1. Click "Integration-Channel" in the robot menu to enter the channel management interface.
  1. Click "New Channel" button and set channel name to create a new channel.
  1. After creating a channel on the platform, the management page will display the channel ID, channel name, channel type, channel description and action buttons.
  1. Click on the configuration to view the channel ID, you can use the channel ID to make dialogue API calls

The API address get bot responce is:

/chatbot/v1alpha1/agents/{replace agentID here}/channels/{replace channelID here}/getReply