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Command Description

Returns the detected text after conducting UI detection

Command Prototype

sRet = UiDetection.Get(objUiElement,sType,iTimeout,optionArgs)

Parameter Description

objUiElementTrueexpression{}Select the recognized target of Computer Vision and the feature values of the anchor element
sTypeTrueenum"OCR"OCR mode uses Identification box to select area; Selecting all by simulating the mouse to draw text from left to right in target area
iTimeoutTruenumber30000The amount of time to wait for command retries before "Find Target" throws an exception. Default: 30000 ms (30 seconds)
bContinueOnErrorNonebooleanNoneSpecify whether the automation should continue to support this field even if the activity is incorrect, it is only supported by the Boolean value (true, false) default value
iDelayAfterNonenumber300Delay time (in milliseconds) after executing the activity is 300 milliseconds
iDelayBeforeNonenumber200The delay time (in milliseconds) before any operations are executed is by default 200 milliseconds


sRet,The variable used to save the output of the command.


TracePrint("--------------------------Get the text after intelligent recognition---------------- -------------") 
//[Remarks] Get the intelligently recognized text. (This command must be used together with the intelligent recognition screen range)
//Input parameter 1:
// objUiElement--Identifies the target. Note: The eigenvalues ​​of the selected intelligently recognized target element and anchor element
// sType--click type. Note: The OCR method is the selection range of the recognition frame; the selection of all methods is to simulate the mouse to draw the text from left to right in the target
// iTimeOut--timeout time. Note: The amount of time, in milliseconds, to wait for the command to retry the run before the lookup target throws an exception. Default 30000 (30 seconds)
// optionArgs--Optional parameters. Note: This parameter is a number of optional parameters, including error continue execution, delay after execution, delay before execution, activation window, cursor position, abscissa offset, ordinate offset, auxiliary keys, operation type
//out parameters:
// sRet--The variable to which the output of the function call is saved.
//Command prototype: sRet = UiDetection.Get(objUiElement,sType,iTimeout,optionArgs)
sRet = UiDetection.Get({"wnd":[{"cls":"Chrome_WidgetWin_1","title":"Click - Feishu Cloud Documents - Google Chrome","app":"chrome "}],"cv_engine_version":1,"cv_region":{"x":0,"y":0,"width":0,"height":0},"cv_descriptor":{"anchors":[ {"cls_type":100,"height":41,"text":"click after intelligent recognition","width":205,"x":584,"y":296}],"confidence":0.800000011920929, "cv_handle":"\"2b3223b0-7f20-11ec-ab08-1d7b5faf0fee\"","match_version":1,"target":{"cls_type":100,"height":33,"text":"Command description ","width":99,"x":586,"y":357}}},"OCR",30000,{"bContinueOnError":false,"iDelayAfter":300,"iDelayBefore":200})
TracePrint (sRet)