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Command Description

According to specified length, compare two strings starting from left, and return True when they are equal, otherwise return False

Command Prototype

bRet = StrNComp(s1,s2,iLen,bCompare)

Parameter Description

s1Truestring""The first string to be compared
s2Truestring""The second string to be compared
iLenTruenumber1The string length to be compared
bCompareTruebooleanNoneWhether to be case sensitive when strings are compared


bRet,The variable used to save the output of the command.


TracePrint("----------------------string specified length comparison-------------------- ----") 
//[Remarks] According to the specified number of digits, compare 2 strings from the left, if the strings are the same, return true, otherwise return false.
//Input parameter 1:
// s1--The first string to compare.
//Input parameter 2:
// s2--The second string to compare.
//Input parameter 3:
// iLen--The length of the string to compare.
//Input parameter 4:
// bCompare--Whether it is case sensitive when comparing strings.
//out parameters:
// bRet--The variable to which the output of the function call is saved.
//Command prototype: bRet=StrNComp(s1,s2,iLen,bCompare)