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Command Description

Save the specified page in PDF file as image and with the naming convention of "PDF file name_number"

Command Prototype


Parameter Description

filePathTruepath'''C:\Users'''Path of the PDF file
passwordTruestring""PDF file password. No need to fill in if no password
savePathTruepath'''C:\Users'''Directory to save the extracted images. Defaults to the location of the PDF file
pageStartTruenumber1The starting page number of the image to be saved (starting from 1)
pageEndTruenumber2The ending page number of the image to be saved


/********************************Save the specified page as a picture*********** ******************** 
Command prototype:
Input parameters:
filePath--PDF file path
password--PDF file password, no password need to fill in
savePath--the path where the picture is saved, the default is the directory where the PDF file is located
pageStart--The starting page number that needs to be saved as a picture, starting from 1
pageEnd--the end page number that needs to be saved as a picture
Outgoing parameters:
Dim filePath='''C:\Users\Chance\Desktop\testPDF\Laiye Technology RPA Product Introduction.pdf'''
Dim password=""
Dim savePath='''C:\Users\Chance\Desktop\testPDF'''
Dim startPage=1
Dim endPage=2