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Command Description

Save the results of Screen Form OCR, Image Form OCR, and PDF Form OCR into an Excel

Command Prototype

Mage.ExtractTablesToExcel(jsonRet,filter_text,sPath, appType)

Parameter Description

jsonRetTrueexpressionjsonRetOutput variables from "Screen Form OCR", "Image Form OCR", "PDF Form OCR"
filter_textTruebooleanNoneFilter the non-table text in recognition results. Select "No" to write the full result to the Sheet1 page in Excel. Select "Yes" to write each recognized table in order to a single sheet page
sPathTruepath'''C:\Users'''Path to the Excel file. If the file doesn't exist, the command will create a new file in the path
appTypeTrueenum"Excel"Open with Excel or WPS Excel


Dim jsonRet=''  // Table recognition result, you need to use the result of self-recognizing the specified picture for assignment 
Dim sPath='''''' // File save path

TracePrint "--------------------Extract table results to Excel--------------------"
// --------------------------------------------------------
// [Remarks] Extract table results to Excel
// Input parameter 1:
// jsonRet--table recognition result
// Input parameter 2:
// filter_text--filter non-table text
// Input parameter 3:
// sPath--file path
// Input parameter 4:
// appType--Open method

// Command prototype: Mage.ExtractTablesToExcel(jsonRet,filter_text,sPath, appType)
// --------------------------------------------------------

Mage.ExtractTablesToExcel(jsonRet,false,sPath, "Excel")