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Command Description

Get cell information of a specified table from the table object and return string

Command Prototype

sRet = Mage.ExtractSingleTableCell(objTableData,row,col)

Parameter Description

objTableDataTrueexpressionobjTableDataUse the "Get Specified Table" command to output variable or the "Get All Tables" command to specify the variable of the table index (for example: arrayRet[1], which means the table index is 2)
rowTruenumber1Specify the cell row number of the table object (starting from 1)
colTruenumber1Specify the cell column number of the table object (starting from 1)


sRet,The variable used to save the output of the command.


Dim objTableData=''  // Table object, use the variable output by the "Get Specified Table" command or the variable of the table index specified by the "Get All Tables" command (for example: arrayRet[1], indicating that the table index is 2 form) 

TracePrint "--------------------Get table cell--------------------"
// --------------------------------------------------------
// [Remarks] Get table cells
// Input parameter 1:
// objTableData--table object
// Input parameter 2:
// row--row number
// Input parameter 3:
// col--column number

// Output parameters:
// sRet: The variable to which the output of the function call is saved

// Command prototype: sRet = Mage.ExtractSingleTableCell(objTableData,row,col)
// --------------------------------------------------------

sRet = Mage.ExtractSingleTableCell (objTableData, 1.1)
TracePrint (sRet)