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Command Description

Set log levels that need to be output

Command Prototype


Parameter Description

iLevelTrueenum2The value can be an integer ranging from 0 to 3, representing error, warning, general information, and debugging information respectively. When the value is set to 0, only errors are output. When set to 1, output errors and warnings; When set to 2, general information, errors, and warnings are output. When the value is set to 3, in addition to general information, errors, and warnings, debugging information output by TracePrint is also output to logs


TracePrint("------------------------------------------------Set log level-------- -----------------------------------") 
//[Remarks] Set the log level, the log will only be displayed above a certain level
//Input parameter 1:
// level----->Log level
//out parameters:
// None
TracePrint("The log level is set to level 2, that is, only the three levels of info, warning and error will be displayed")