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Command Description

Find the image in the specified area and hover over the found image

Command Prototype


Parameter Description

objUiElementTruedecorator@ui""When the attribute is transferred as a string, it is used as the characteristic string to find the interface element. When the attribute is transferred as UiElement, directly click on the corresponding interface element
objRectTruedictionary{"x": 0, "y": 0, "width": 0, "height": 0}Perform text recognition in the search area. If the area is passed as {"x":0,"y":0,"width":0,"height":0}, then the text will be recognized in the rectangle area of the control element
sImagePathTruepath'''C:\Users'''The path of the image to be found, generally in the res folder
iAccuracyTruenumber0.9Similarity to be used for finding images, ranging from 0.5 - 1.0, ie. similarity of 50% - 100%
iTimeOutTruenumber10000Specify the amount of time (in milliseconds) that wait for the event to run before selectorNotFoundException to trigger an error (in milliseconds) The default value is 10,000 ms (10 seconds)
bContinueOnErrorNonebooleanNoneSpecify whether the automation should continue to support this field even if the activity is incorrect, it is only supported by the Boolean value (true, false) default value
iDelayAfterNonenumber300Delay time (in milliseconds) after executing the activity is 300 milliseconds
iDelayBeforeNonenumber200The delay time (in milliseconds) before any operations are executed is by default 200 milliseconds
bSetForegroundNonebooleanTrueWhether to activate the target window before executing
sCursorPositionNoneenum"Center"Describes the cursor start point for adding offsets for the offsetx and offsety properties. The following options are available: topleft, topright, bottomleft, bottomlight, and center. The default option is center
iCursorOffsetXNonenumber10The horizontal movement of the cursor based on the option in the "Position" field
iCursorOffsetYNonenumber10The vertical offset of the cursor position based on the option selected in the "Position" field
sKeyModifiersNoneset[]Keyboard keys used while a mouse action is triggered: Alt, Ctrl, Shift, Win
sSimulateNoneenum"simulate"Available operation types are: Background Operation (uia), Simulated Operation (simulate), System Message(message). Default: Simulated Operation (simulate)
sMatchTypeNoneenum"GrayMatch"Specify a match type for an image. Gray-scale matching is fast, but it may fail in extreme situations. The color matching is more accurate, but the matching speed is slightly slower
iSerialNoNonenumber1The specified image is matched to multiple targets. The sequence number of the targets is a positive integer starting from 1 and increases from left to right and from top to botton on the screen. The sequence number of the target closest to the upper left corner of the screen is 1


TracePrint "--------------------Mouse over image--------------------" 
// --------------------------------------------------------
// [Remarks] Move the mouse over the image, the Demo needs to use IE to open the URL below
// url:
// Input parameter 1:
// objUiElement--target element
// Input parameter 2:
// objRect--identification range
// Input parameter 3:
// sImagePath--find pictures
// Input parameter 4:
// iAccuracy--similarity
// Input parameter 5:
// iTimeOut--timeout time. Default unit: milliseconds. Type: Int
// Input parameter 6:
// optionArgs--optional parameters (including: error continue execution/delay after execution/delay before execution/activation window/cursor position/abscissa offset/ordinate offset/assistant key/operation Type/matching method/matching number).Type:Dict

// 命令原型:Image.Hover(objUiElement,objRect,sImagePath,iAccuracy,iTimeOut,optionArgs)
// --------------------------------------------------------

Image.Hover (@ui "", {"x": 0, "y": 0, "width": 0, "height": 0}, @ res "a6fb9170-ae64-11ec-896f-a79dc01a345c.png", 0.9,10000, {"bContinueOnError": false, "iDelayAfter": 300, "iDelayBefore ": 200, " bSetForeground ": true, " sCursorPosition ": " Center ", " iCursorOffsetX ": 10, " iCursorOffsetY ": 10, " sKeyModifiers ": []," sSimulate ": " simulate "," sMatchType ":" GrayMatch ", " iSerialNo ": 1})