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Command Description

Specify a folder path, find the specified file or folder support in the specific folder. Fuzzy matching and the wildcard * are supported

Command Prototype

arrayRet = File.SearchFile(sPath,sFileName,bIsDeep)

Parameter Description

sPathTruepath'''C:\Users'''The path of the folder to be searched. You can fill in the absolute path or use the @res "path" form to indicate the path under the res folder of the current process. The path separator must be escaped, such as "C:\Laiye RPA" or @res"Laiye RPA \Laiye RPA"
sFileNameTruestring""Filename to find, the wildcard * is supported
bIsDeepTruebooleanTrueWhether to use deep search, if Yes, it will continue to search the folders under the given path, until it reaches the root file


arrayRet,The variable used to save the output of the command.


/****************************************Find ********* **************************** 
Command prototype:
arrayRet = File.SearchFile('''C:\Users''',"",true)
Input parameters:
sPath--the folder path to search
sFileName--the file name to find, wildcards are supported*
blsDeep--whether to search in depth, if so, it will continue to search in the folder under the given path, until the end file is found
Outgoing parameters:
arrayRet--The result after the command is run
Dim sPath='''C:\Users\Chance\Desktop\testFile'''
Dim sFileName="data.txt"
arrayRet = File.SearchFile(sPath,sFileName,true)