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Command Description

Unzip the file to the specified folder. It will be overwritten if the file of the same name exists

Command Prototype

arrRet = File.Decompression(sPath,sZipPath,optionArgs)

Parameter Description

sPathTruepath'''C:\Users'''The path of the file to be decompressed
sZipPathTruepath'''C:\Users'''Unzip to a specified folder
sPasswordNonestring""Set password for unzipping files


arrRet,The variable used to save the output of the command.


/************************************Unzip the zip file*********** ************************ 
Command prototype:
arrRet = File.Decompression('''C:\Users''','''C:\Users''',{"sPassword":''})
Input parameters:
sPath--path of the file to be decompressed
sZipPath--Extract to the specified folder
sPassword--Set the password for decompressing the file (optional)
Outgoing parameters:
sRet--the result after the command is run
Dim sPath='''C:\Users\Chance\Desktop\'''
Dim sZipPath='''C:\Users\Chance\Desktop\testFile'''
arrRet = File.Decompression(sPath,sZipPath,{"sPassword":''})