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Command Description

Connect to the FTP server of specified attributes, and set it as the control object

Command Prototype

objFTP = FTP.Connect(sHostName,sUser,sPassword,bSsl,nPort,bAnonymous,nFTPSMode,optionArgs)

Parameter Description

sHostNameTruestring""Server address
sUserTruestring""Login user name
sPasswordTruestring""Login password
bSslTruebooleanNoneUse SSL to encrypt the connection. The default is No
nPortTruenumber21Connection port, like 21, 22
bAnonymousTruebooleanNoneYou can login anonymously. Default is no
nFTPSModeTrueenum1FTP connection mode
sftpNonebooleanNoneUse SFTP protocol to encrypt the connection, the default is "No"
private_keyNonepath'''C:\Users'''The storage path of key file


objFTP,The variable used to save the output of the command.