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Command Description

Open customize dialog box

Command Prototype

dictRet = Dialog.UDFDialog(strTitle,dictUIFilePath,sDefaultJson,optionArgs)

Parameter Description

strTitleTruestring""Display the title of the dialog box
dictUIFilePathTruepath""Design custom form structure
sDefaultJsonTrueexpression{}Set the default value of a custom form control element in JSON format. Can pass variables or expressions
iTimeoutNonenumberNoneWhen the time that dialog box displayed default as 0, it is always displayed
strTimoutClickNoneenum"ok"Click button will be triggered when dialog box reaches display time. When display time is 0, this item will not have effect
bInterruptTimeoutNonebooleanTrueIf the user interacts with a dialog box, interrupt the timeout automatic click. Default is "Yes"


dictRet,The variable used to save the output of the command.


Dim dictRet 
dictRet = Dialog.UDFDialog("This is the dialog title",@res"1644465533010.json",{},{"iTimeout": 0, "strTimoutClick": "ok","bInterruptTimeout": true})
The output result is a dictionary of user-defined dialog boxes and content
For example:
dictRet {
"return" : 1,
"This is the radio button title" : "1",
"This is the text box title" : "Hello"