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Command Description

Pop up a save file dialog box

Command Prototype

sRet = Dialog.SaveFile(sDefaultPath,sFilter,sTitle)

Parameter Description

sDefaultPathTruepath'''C:\Users'''Locate to default directory when dialog displays. Locate to the directory of last operation if null
sFilterTruestring"Text Documents (*.txt)*.txt
sTitleTruestring"Laiye RPA"Dialog title


sRet,The variable used to save the output of the command.


Dim   sRet 
sRet = Dialog.SaveFile('''C:\Users''',"Text document (txt, log)|*.txt;*.log|Any file|*","This is the dialog title" )
TracePrint (sRet)
The output result is the file path selected by the user to save
For example:
sRet = "C: \ uibot \ test_5.6.0 \ log \ 20220125181237.log"