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Version: 1.4.0

Version Management

This section will explain: how to manage the versions of "Build" section data and deploy to official channel through "Version & Publish".

Definitions of Versions and Environments

  1. Environment: There are two environments on the platform, the draft environment and the production environment.

    1. Draft:this environment is the real-time data on the front-end page, and the data in this environment can be edited at any time.
    2. Production:this environment is the online data, the data changes only after you publish a verion and cannot be edited directly.
  2. Version: Admin users can only edit the data in draft environment, whenever an admin user creates a version, all current draft data will be saved as a new version. Then you can

    1. Revert to Draft: Select a version to overwrite draft "Build" data with this version of data.
    2. Export/Import: Import all the "Build" data from one agent to another agent.
    3. Train&Test&Publish: Test 2 versions of training data to compare the performance, then choose the better version to publish to the production channel.

Create a Version

When do you need to create a new version? After you have made some changed in draft version and have fully test to make sure it works correctly before publishing to prod environment, or when you want to record a moment of "Build" data, you need to create a new version to save current data first. It is easy with following steps:

  1. On Version & Publish page, click the "+CREATE" button to package all the current "Build" data and generate a new version record.
  1. When you create a new version, it is recommended for you to fill in the version description to describe the what content you`ve changed and what it is changed for. In the future, you can easily rollback to an earlier version.

  2. After the version is created, the version release page will display a list of versions, including the version number, version description and creation time.

Publish a Version to Production Environment

When do you need to publish a version to Production Environment? You can publish only one version to production environment. It is easy with following steps:

  1. You can find the version number of the production environment on the upper left corner of the table, if there is no version in the production environment yet, the version number of production environment will be displayed as "No record"
  1. Click "PUBLISH" and select the version you want to publish, then the production environment is updated.
  1. You can find the version number of the production environment on the upper left corner of the table to check if the version is successfully updated.

Up to 20 versions can be saved, the oldest versions will be replaced by the latest version when exceeding the maximum number of version.

Import and Export a Version

  1. Export "Build" data:

    1. You can export any version of "Build" data as well as the draft data.
    2. Export data is packaged in *.blob file.
  2. Import to draft environment:

    1. You can import the *.blob file to a different agent to the draft version.
    2. In a same agent, you can directly select a version to overwrite draft "Build" data with this version of data by "Revert to Draft"