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Version: 1.4.0

Answer Templates

This chapter will explain: What is a Answer Template, and how to enrich your bot response by using temlpates

Customize answers and answer templates

In the dialogue message, in addition to sending text, pictures and other message types preset by the platform, the robot may also need more richtext responses, such as small cards and other components supported in different channels:

Custom answer similar to the above components, when the robot needs to reply to a special message in the conversation (different from text, picture or other preset response types), the trainer can use the custom answer type edited in JSON format provided by the platform to configure the reply content. The robot will directly send the content of the customized answer.

Answer template each type of customized answer has a template with a unified format. The platform provides the ability to maintain and edit customized answer templates. After maintaining the custom answer templates of various components, the trainer only needs to reference the template and change the key fields to complete the custom answer configuration.

Creation and use of custom answer template

  1. Click "Build - Custom Settings - template" in the robot menu to enter the answer template management interface.
  1. Click the "CREATE" button and edit * template name * and template content to create a new custom answer template.

The template must be in JSON format. It is recommended to mark "contents that can be replaced by trainers" when maintaining the template, so that it can be configured in the dialogue answer later:

content: 'card title',
content: 'card content'
  1. After creating the template, you can use the template answer to configure the reply content in the robot building process.
  1. In the customized reply, the answer content can be rendered through slots and metadata. The platform will render the places configured as {slot = SLOT NAME} and {metadata = METADATA NAME} in the message as the corresponding values, and then send them through the robot.

Custom message index provided by common channels

Here is a summary of robot custom message document addresses provided by some channels, which can be docked according to specific business needs.

Robot message channel address
Enterprise wechat
Ding Talk
Cisco Webex