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Version: V2.2.0

Brief introduction

The The Hub seamlessly connects the collaborative work between human and agent. Task that need to be manually input and reviewed can be assigned to manual processing. After the manual processing is completed, the agent continues the follow-up Process to realize the automation of Process that needs agent and human collaboration.

In the uibot product matrix, the Laiye Automation Creator is used to produce the agent, the Laiye Automation Worker is used to execute the agent, and the Laiye RPA Commander is used to manage the agent. As an RPA oriented human cooperation platform, the The Hub handles human Task and completes the connection between agent Task and human Task.

Compatibility notes

The The Hub is currently a new function based on rpa6.0 Enterprise Edition. To fully use the product, RPA products must meet the following requirements

Laiye Automation Creator: 6.0.0 Enterprise Edition

Laiye Automation Worker: 6.0.0 enterprise version

Laiye RPA Commander: 6.0.0 Enterprise Edition