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The Hub

Here is the latest version for public cloud environments GPU IDP V3.20 Cloud.

What is the The Hub

The Hub It is an operation portal for human employees to participate in the automation process, and can connect the collaborative work between humans and robot. Task that require manual judgment and decision-making can be assigned to humans in an automated process. Humans can provide accurate input for robot through form information input, secondary verification and confirmation of information and other operations, thus creating more and safer automation opportunities.

At present, the The Hub will focus on Help AI Model achieve business goals The scene.Scenario Introduction

Scene positioning

In the scenario of enterprise document processing, we often encounter the business demand of document key Information Extraction. Although the AI Model can help us complete the extraction of key information, it also has great limitations, mainly focusing on the following two points:

  1. AI Model may not be able to extract all key information, and some information may be missing
  2. The extraction result of the AI Model is not 100% accurate, but in some business scenarios, the key information needs to be 100% accurate, otherwise it will affect the downstream business

Therefore, it is necessary to introduce business personnel to re confirm the key information extracted from the AI Model.

In this use scenario, we use the self training extraction AI Capability of Laiya Laiye Intelligent Document Processing to extract key information of document, and then use human-computer collaboration to complete the review and modification of recognition results.

The Hub - differences between domestic and overseas environments

  • [Collaboration group management] function is only applicable to overseas environment
  • The [Collaboration Rule Management] function of overseas environment, that is, the [Form Management] function of domestic environment