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Invoice Recognition

Business scenario description

Traditionally for a company dealing with invoices needs to involve multiple manual reviewers going through each invoice to reduce the chances of error. With deep learning and OCR techniques, the company can read invoices and automatically review the receipts, extract important fields out of them.


Invoice Recognition has the following features:

  • Easy to Integrate:Seamlessly integrated into the advanced CRM/SAP,etc.
  • Fast response: result is returned in a second.


text version

1)Log in to the Mage platform and click on the menu of Invoice Recognition. Invoice1

2)Create a new Invoice Recognition model. Invoice2

3)Click on the tester in the upper right corner to enter the test page. Invoice3

4)Upload a document, click “start”, then you will get the recognition result. Invoice4

Model extraction fields

customer_nameCustomer Name
customer_idCustomer ID
purchase_orderPurchase Order
invoice_idInvoice ID
invoice_dateInvoice Date
due_dateDue Date
vendor_nameVendor Name
vendor_addressVendor Address
vendor_address_recipientVendor Address Recipient
customer_addressCustomer Address
customer_address_recipientCustomer Address Recipient
billing_addressBilling Address
billing_address_recipientBilling Address Recipient
shipping_addressShipping Address
shipping_address_recipientShipping Address Recipient
total_taxTotal Tax
invoice_totalInvoice Total
amount_dueAmount Due
service_addressService Address
service_address_recipientService Address Recipient
remittance_addressRemittance Address
remittance_address_recipientRemittance Address Recipient
service_start_dateService Start Date
service_end_dateService End Date
previous_unpaid_balancePrevious Unpaid Balance
unit_price_listUnit Price
product_code_listProduct Code