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Functional module

Management Center

The management center includes two modules: Collaboration group management and Collaboration Rule Management.

  • The content of task that need to be manually reviewed and processed in the process of robot and manual collaboration can be configured through [Collaboration Rule Management]. When the model results meet the rules, the corresponding data samples will be created as collaborative task and automatically distributed by the system to the members of the Collaborative Group for processing. For example, when the confidence level of a document is set to be less than 0.8, a collaborative task is created. When this condition is met, the system will automatically create a collaborative task for personnel to process and participate in AI process.
  • Multi person Collaborative Group can be created and managed through Collaboration group management, and specific Collaborative Group can be associated with them when configuring collaboration rules. Multiple members of the Collaborative Group can simultaneously process all task created under the collaboration rule. task are only visible to members of the group, ensuring data security.

Form Management That is, the function name of [Collaboration Rule Management] in the domestic environment. All collaboration forms can be managed through the Form Management module, and the content of task that need to be manually processed in the process of robot and manual collaboration can be set, such as the fields that need to enter information and the content that needs to be approved.

Task processing

The task processing module displays all the collaborative task of the current user. Different task statuses represent the following:

  • Waiting: the collaborative task has been generated and is waiting for the screening of configuration conditions
  • Updating: collaborative task are waiting to update the model extraction results
  • Pending: the collaboration task has been associated to a user but has not been processed
  • Completed: the collaboration task has been processed, or the task has not triggered the configuration condition, and does not need to be manually verified
  • Cancelled: the collaboration task was canceled by the user
  • Failed: task processing failed due to platform exception (IDP model offline, internal service error, etc.)