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Stamp Recognition

Business scenario description

Stamp Recognition can detect if there is stamp on contract, bill, card, and form, and return the position, colour, and content of the stamp. It is suitable for scenarios such as contract approval, financial reimbursement, and qualification review.


Stamp Recognition has the following features:

  • Multiple stamps in one image: It can identify multiple stamps in one image and can detect the stamp correctly even when the stamp items are blocked.
  • Stamp colour: In the approval process, it is necessary to verify whether the stamp is copied or new by the colour of the stamps (black and white or in colour). Stamp recognition can detect the colour of the stamp accurately.


3.3text version

1)Log in to the Mage platform and click the menu of Stamp Recognition. 9

2)Create a new stamp recognition model. 10

3)Click the tester in the upper right corner to enter the test page. 11

4)Upload a document, click the button “start”, then you will get the recognition result. 12

Differences among different engines


Standard version