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Version: V2.9

Form Recognition

Business scenario description

General form recognition can identify the text of the document and extract the form in it. It is suitable for identifying forms of bank statement, annual report, tax return, and various forms and documents customized within the enterprise. Using general form recognition to convert offline data into online data can free the staff from repetitive typing, copy and paste work, and devote themselves to more high-leverage work.


General Form Recognition has the following features:

  • Text and table mixed:It can support text and table mixed image, and the recognition results can be output separately.
  • One image with multiple forms:It supports to identify multiple forms in one iLaiye IDP.
  • Complex scenarios:It can manage complex scenarios such as cell merging, frame line deformation, and frameless tables.
  • Multiple formats:It supports jpeg, jpg, png, pdf, bmp, tiff format.


text version

1)Log in to the Laiye IDP platform and click the menu of General Form Recognition. 表格1

2)Create a new general form recognition model. 表格2

3)Click the tester in the upper right corner to enter the test page. 表格3

4)Upload a document, click “start”, then you will get the recognition result. 表格4