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Version: v6.1.0

Core advantages

Clone operation of Process, truly realize the coexistence of man and machine, one machine for multiple purposes

It supports the function of Clone running Process. Each Process can set whether to enable Clone running separately. The Process that enables Clone running will copy a copy of the current desktop when running. Process that sets Clone running will run in Clone of the current desktop. The function of Clone running Process has the following characteristics:

  • Clone and user operation are independent of each other and will not interfere with each other, realizing real man-machine coexistence

  • You can see the real-time picture of Process operation during Clone operation

  • The Clone desktop can be operated directly

Powerful Trigger enables Process automation to run efficiently and orderly

The Trigger can automatically run the Process according to the trigger conditions. The community version supports the following Trigger:

  • Time Trigger: automatically trigger the running Process according to the timed work plan

  • Start Trigger: each time laiye automation worker is started, the running Process will be automatically triggered

  • Mail Trigger: monitor the mail receiving server. When the newly received mail meets the mail matching rules, it will automatically trigger the running Process

  • API Trigger: when the third-party program on the running laiye automation worker Device calls the API interface, the running Process is automatically triggered

  • File Trigger: when new or deleted files in the monitored folder meet the matching rules, the running Process is automatically triggered

Rich Extension installation plug-ins help make Attended applications simpler and faster

Various Extension plug-ins can be flexibly installed and uninstalled according to automation needs

  • Support mainstream browser Extension such as chrome, Firefox, 360, edge, etc

  • Support Citrix, Microsoft Remote Desktop, Clone running and other virtualization desktop Extension

  • Support Java application Extension

Automation Widget

  • It supports one click to run the Process quickly without manually opening the main window of the Process robot

  • Support to quickly open Notepad, drawing, screenshot, Google home page