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Version: V2.0.0

Process design

Whether it is a fully automated Process or a Process that requires manual intervention, the Process developer needs to design the Process first. For a Process requiring manual intervention, the Process developer needs to perform the following operations:

Form design

When the Process developer logs in to the The Hub, he can see Form Management and complete the creation of forms

The Form Type currently has Regular Form and Document validation. The following instructions are given for Regular Form and Document validation:

Regular Form: through rich component libraries, Process developers can customize forms and configure forms that require manual input in automated Process

In a common scenario, the system login is involved in the automated Process. The verification code login is a common login method, and the verification code is sent to the salesperson's mobile phone. The agent cannot obtain it automatically. It can create a Regular Form and send a pending Task to the salesperson in case of system login. The salesperson enters the verification code through the form, and the agent obtains the verification code to continue the following Process

Document validation: the Document validation type must be used with the Intelligent document processing platform. AI Capability identification cannot be 100% accurate to avoid wrong data entry. After identification, manual verification is required. To solve the above problems, the Document validation type is introduced.

Please refer to the operation guide for Form Management for specific form creation steps

Process design

After the form is created, the Process developer logs in to the Laiye Automation Creator and starts Process design. In the Laiye Automation Creator, the command about the The Hub is added, as shown in the following figure:

In an automated Process, a human-computer collaboration command can be added to a Task that requires manual intervention. The collaboration command is associated with the form configured in the The Hub. Take the Regular Form as an example. Form configuration is required in the command. The specific operations are as follows:

Regular Form configuration, as shown in the following figure, select the form to be associated. The selected form is configured in the The Hub

Document validation form configuration, as shown in the following figure

Complete the Process design, and the Process developer can debug. Need here Particular attention , When a collaborative Task is encountered during debugging, the Process developer needs to log in to the The Hub to see the pending Task in Form Processing. In addition, Process developers need to join the corresponding Collaborative Group before they can see the collaboration Task. For specific operations of Form Processing, please refer to the product User Guide - Form Processing