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Version: V2.0.0

Collaboration group management

The The Hub mainly solves the problem of how to connect the Laiye Automation Worker and the manual collaboration Task in the automated Process, which involves manual decision-making and audit, and the Laiye Automation Worker cannot achieve full automation. Therefore, to start using the The Hub, you must first add personnel to handle human Task.

Each department has its own need to automate Process. Compared with human Task, it is also the salesperson of each department who handles Task within his / her job responsibilities. Therefore, before adding members, create a Collaborative Group, and then add people who handle the same type of business to the same Collaborative Group. The following are the specific operation steps:

Collaborative Group needs Maintenance by system administrator , The system administrator logs in to the The Hub and can see the Collaboration group management menu

New Collaborative Group

Enter the name of the Collaborative Group. The role and work content of the Collaborative Group can be described by description. Click OK to complete the creation of the Collaborative Group

Add member

After the Collaborative Group is created, the Collaborative Group members are added. The members added here can receive the Task that the Collaborative Group needs to process manually. The specific operations are as follows:

Click "add member", select a member and complete the addition