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Version: V2.0.0

Task Chain


Through the Task Chain, the execution steps and manual operation steps of agent for man-machine collaborative Task are recorded in detail. The task chain provides clear and reliable audit data to ensure the compliance of business processes

Task view

View the running process of the Task through the details of the Task Chain. Click the Task Chain record to enter the Task details to view the Laiye Automation Worker Task and collaborative Task.

Laiye Automation Worker Task

Click the Laiye Automation Worker Task to view the agent running Task details, including Task details, Task log and Task screenshot

Collaborative Task

Click collaboration Task to view the details of the manual processing Task, including the basic information of the Task, the manual processing duration, and the viewing of operation process data and processing results

If it is a Task to be reviewed and the processing personnel are inconsistent, you can view the processing variance comparison and the processing results of each person. Click Task details to jump to Individual Task processing details