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Version: V2.0.0

Form Processing


Form Processing displays a list of Task, including Task in the status of to be assigned, to be processed and completed. Collaborative Admin assigns Task and Collaborative staff processes Task

Task list

View all All Task, Be accepted Task, and Individual Task, including "pending", "completed" and "Cancelled" Task. Click Task record to view Task details;

Task Category

All: all manual processing records of the group where the current login account is located. Collaborative staff can only view the data processed by themselves

Be accepted: the Task has been generated, but the Task list of processing personnel has not been assigned

To be processed: for the list of Task that have been accepted by Task but have not yet been processed, Collaborative staff can only view the data they have processed

Completed: displays the processed Task list. Collaborative staff can only view the data they have processed

Cancelled: click the Task list of the cancel operation to view only the data processed by the Collaborative staff

Timeout: for Task that have not been processed within the set time, Collaborative staff can only view the data they have processed

Task operation

Assign: Collaborative Admin can assign "Be accepted" Task to members of the group for processing;

Handover: Individual Task can be handed over within a group. Select a member of the group and hand over the Task to the member. The handed over member will have a "pending" Task;

Processing: click processing to enter the Task processing interface;

Cancel task: click Cancel to Cancel task, and the whole Task processing Process is interrupted.

Task processing

Regular Form type processing

Open the Form Processing interface. A screenshot of the Task is displayed on the left, and the manual input content is displayed on the right. Collaborative staff can fill in the form contents according to the screenshot contents, complete the filling, and click "submit" to complete the Task processing;

Document validation type processing

Open the Document validation processing interface to view the original files and automatically extracted data, and Collaborative staff to review the extracted data; The left side is the document view, and the right side is the AI extraction part;

Original file operation

Enlarge document
Shrink document
Reset document zoom level
Scribing / box selectionAnnotation method

AI extraction part operation

After clicking, the field content will be editable
Click to clear the field

Manually check the AI extracted part of the content, and modify the identified wrong fields. After reviewing all fields, click "submit" to complete the Task processing. The agent obtains the manually modified results and continues the following Process.