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Version: V2.0.0

Collaboration group management


According to different business requirements, you can create a Collaborative Group to manage Task processors. Each group member can only view the data of their own group, effectively isolating the data; Collaboration group management requires system administrators to create groups and maintain group members

Collaborative group management

New Collaborative Group

Enter the group name and description, and click OK to complete the creation of the Collaborative Group

Edit group

Select the group to be edited and click "..." to modify the group information

Delete Collaborative Group

Select the group to be edited and click "..." to delete the group information. To delete a Collaborative Group, you must first remove the group members, otherwise the deletion is not allowed

Group member management

Add member

To complete the group creation, you need to add group members. Click "add member" to select the members to be added to the group. After selecting the members, click OK to add the group members successfully

Assign permissions

After adding a group member, the default is Collaborative staff. You can adjust permissions, assign collaboration management, and perform group management. The permissions of Collaborative staff and Collaborative Admin are as follows:

Collaborative Admin: view, assign, transfer and process permissions for Form Processing, and view permissions for Task Chain

Collaborative staff: permission to view, transfer and process Form Processing

Remove Members

If the group member needs to be removed due to personnel change, click Remove to remove the member from the group. After removal, the member will not be able to process collaboration Task

matters needing attention:

If the member to be removed needs to process the Task, the Task must be completed first, or the Task must be handed over to other group members before the member can be removed