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Layout analysis

Business scenario description

The traditional character recognition ability can extract the characters on the picture and output the recognition results according to certain rules (such as from left to right and from top to bottom). However, when the picture appears a more complex arrangement structure, such as column, text mixed row, fixed rule output will cause unreadable results, affecting the next Process.

Layout analysis is a picture understanding atomic ability provided by UiBot Mage. The model will detect and analyze the content in the picture, divide the document into different layout areas, and return the type, location, content, and confidence of each area.


  • Easy to use: through the segmentation results of annotation areas with different colors, it supports the two-way rapid positioning of original annotation and visual results.
  • Multiple formats: support JPEG, JPG, PNG, PDF, BMP, TIFF format and other documents.

usage method

Text version

New model

1 log in to mage platform from the following pathPre training AI ability / picture understanding / layout analysisEnter the layout analysis model page.ocrLayout1

2. Create a new layout analysis model and select OCR engine according to requirements.ocrLayout2

Layout analysis test

1 select the layout analysis model and click the upper right cornerLayout analysis test, enter the test page of the model.ocrLayout3

2 upload a picture and clickStart testing, get the test results.

  • Support content filtering based on region type
  • Click to download the content of the current test results
  • Click JSON results to view more detailed resultsocrLayout4

Area type

The layout analysis model supports the following 19 types of analysis:

Serial numberType namekey
oneDocument titlearticle_ title
twoHierarchy titleparagraph_ heading
fourTable titletable_ title
fiveFull frame tablefull_ line_ table
sixMissing line tablewireless_ table
sevenTabular Notetable_ annotation
eightPicture titlepicture_ title
tenPhoto Annotatepicture_ annotation
elevenPage Notespage_ annotation
twelveheaderpage_ header
thirteenfooterpage_ footer
sixteenQR codeqr_ code
seventeenautographhandwritten_ signature