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QR code Recognition

Business scenario description

QR code often appears in various scenarios, such as the QR code in the invoice, which saves the invoice code, invoice number and other information of the invoice. It can help business personnel check whether the information in the invoice field is consistent, so as to identify the authenticity of the invoice.


  • Easy to use: the information in the QR code can be parsed with one click.
  • Fast recognition speed: the response speed is fast, and the recognition result is returned in seconds.

usage method

Text version

1) Log in to mage platform and clickQR code recognitionmenuBar code identification 1

2) Create a new QR code Recognition modelBar code identification 2

3) Click the tester in the upper right corner to enter the test pageBar code identification 3

4) Upload the file and click to start the test to obtain the identification resultsBar code identification 4